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Title: Hemp Masters: Ancient Secrets for Knotting
Hip Hemp Jewelry

Author: Max Lunger
Publisher: Eagle's View Publishing Co.
Copyright: 1997
ISBN: 0-943604-57-5
No. of pages: 90
No. of illustrations: 36
No. of black/white pictures: 63
There are also four full color plate pages of finished design work.
There are no bibliography or supply sources. List Price: $13.95
Reviewer: Dianne Dessert, Grants Pass, Oregon

Readers who are well-informed about knotting may find this book somewhat
mundane, but for readers new to the field, Lunger's book is a wonderful
resource for learning to tie all the basic knots and a multitude of their
variations. Lunger also delves into starting and finishing techniques,
adding cords to projects, and adds a few knots for the more advanced
student. The projects are mostly jewelry related, but the highlight of
this book is its instructional capability for tying knots, which carries
over to any form in which they are utilized.

His humorous approach makes the text book style reading enjoyable and
informational. All of the knotting guides are step-by-step black and white
diagrams and gray scale photographs which are very well done. As training
tools, they allow you to "see" each step of the knotting process.

Of all the books reviewed to date, Lunger's book is by far the most well
directed for the novice, and sufficiently distinct enough for older children.
Don't miss out on this one! It will be a very useful addition to your library
or teaching repertoire.

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